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Walnut Grove Mayor

Mayor of Walnut Grove - Greg HansenGreg Hansen


Walnut Grove City Council

Walnut Grove City CouncilLeonard McLaughlin
Jeff Harnack
Todd Harrington
Xiong Yang

Walnut Grove City Clerk

Paula McGarvey

Phone: 507-859-2135

2015 Appointments

Community Center and Cemetery

Xiong Yang and Greg Hansen

Liquor Store

Xiong Yang and Greg Hansen

Police Department

Leonard McLaughlin and Jeff Harnack

Streets and Parks

Todd Harrington and Leonard McLaughlin

Water and Sewer

Jeff Harnack and Todd Harrington

Economic Development

Xiong Yang and Todd Harrington

Walnut Grove Activity Club

Jeff Harnack and Xiong Yang

Safety Committee

Leonard McLaughlin and Greg Hansen

Acting Mayor

Todd Harrington

Official Depository

Integrity Bank Plus/MN Municipal Money Market

Official Newspaper

Westbrook/Walnut Grove Sentinel/Tribune

City Attorney

Muske, Muske & Surhoff, Springfield, MN

City Engineer

Bolton & Menk